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One Year Older

January 25. One year older. I’m officially in my late 20s. My 26th year of life was an exciting one.  Here are some highlights

  1. Grew with Aldrine and Aaron from an idea to something pretty special
  2. Quit my job as New Media Director at a web / software development firm in Honolulu
  3. Helped Aldrine produce his debut album Suite 409
  4. Moved back to Kauai from Oahu
  5. Started playing music again
  6. Went on tour to California
  7. Made more new friends this year than I ever have in my life
  8. Helped Aldrine put out a Christmas EP

Most importantly to me, I had an epiphany of sorts sometime in the last year that money and happiness are both things you can’t actively pursue. They’re presence or lack there of in your life is the byproduct of your actions. I feel tremendously blessed that I was able to realize this and still be only 27. I know some people spend their whole lives toiling for personal gains only to realize on their deathbed that they blew it.  We all have only one shot at this. Our lives are incredibly short when you look at the big picture. Let’s all do what we can to make the largest positive impact in what little time we have here.

Welcome to my New Blog!

I decided it was a good time to start up the blog again. This is not my first attempt at blogging, I had an older one which was very unfocused and was filled with a bunch of garbage posts that nobody (including myself) cared about. This new blog has but one purpose; to help me become a better entrepreneur and business owner. I’ll be sharing my experiences, the good and the bad, as I work with my partners to grow my companies. I’ll share my failures and analyze why what I’ve done in the past did not work. I’ll also be writing about business strategies, philosophies and ideas that truly resonate with me to keep me focused as well as spotlighting business owners and entrepreneurs I admire and why I admire them. My hope is that other entrepreneurs may find this blog find it useful or share their experiences with me to help me grow in the right direction. With that being said, thanks for checking out the new blog, hopefully you find something you like in the future, or if you totally disagree with what I write then, feel free to share that as well.