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Hey everyone, well it’s Sunday, just about 1 week since I announced my website in a week challenge and I’m glad to say, beta is up and running! It was a very tiring week finishing an entire website from start to finish in one week but I think it will be a very valuable resource to the people of Kauai.

Currently, we only have a few menu listings but we plan to continue to add more and more to the database until we pretty much have every restaurant on Kauai. There are a bunch of features I have planned out but one step at a time, getting this website up was the first step.

Please check it out and comment and rate your favorite restaurants. Please let me know what you think as well.

Ok, I’m off to help my dad prep for his company Christmas party. Happy Eating everyone! update #5

It’s 12:56am Friday morning. I finished 99% of the first version of the website Thursday. The only thing left to do is customize the submission form for submitting menus and some SEO stuff. I moved the site to the production server and began testing. There was a few snags on the import, some of my localhost settings came over which created some 500 server errors but I got those taken care of quickly with the awesome tech support at site5 hosting.

Em is hard at work creating a spreadsheet of restaurants we plan to upload to the database. I’ve been scanning and touching up menus and have begun to add the first restaurants to the database. So far we have, Pono Market, Korean BBQ, Sushi Katsu, Monico’s, Deli & Bread, and Harley’s Tropical BBQ working on the site.

I don’t want to launch the website to the public until we have a lot more menus. I need to help my dad at his business tomorrow so I won’t be able to work on the website until that night. Still shooting for a Saturday or Sunday launch. If possible i’d like to get 100 restaurant menus in there, but I guess if we get 50 at launch, that is not bad. If you have some menus that you could send in, please do, you can send them to ryan(at)

Thanks to everybody who have been leaving suggestions on the facebook fan page. We’re working hard trying to get those for you guys.

See you all tomorrow for another site update! update #4

I have the home page and category pages working in wordpress. There are just a couple little tweaks that need to be done and styled before I move the site to the production server. Very exciting! It will be in maintenance mode while I continue to tweak the plugins and settings until its ready to launch. I’m so happy with all the positive feedback I’ve received on this project. Thank you to everybody.

Please join the facebook group as well.

Eat Kauai Update #3

I didn’t get a chance to post an update of the progress of the website yesterday. I have the html templates coded up for both the front page and category page. Those are ready to be brought into wordpress. I also started programming the menu submission form. There was a really cool WordPress Plugin that I found that does pretty much exactly what I was looking for called TD Mini Forms. Started working with that to get it to where I need it to be.

Today I’ve been busy with Ukulele Underground stuff so hopefully I will get to work on EK tonight and start integrating the html templates into wordpress and installing plugins. Still on schedule to launch a beta by this weekend.

Also thank you to Bubba Burgers and Sara at Sushi Katsu for sending in menus. Follow them on twitter. Update #1

This is the first update for the development of I thought up the idea with my girlfriend in June of ’09 and this video shows what I got done since then. Basically I got a bunch of stuff done in June then forgot about it until this weekend where I dug up my files and started working on it again. Hope to have another video at the end of the night showing what got done.

I also set up a twitter account if you want to follow for updates. Mahaloz! – New Project!

eatkauaitemplogoYesterday I teased that I would be starting on a new project today so here it is. The project is, a online directory of menus from restaurants around the island. Here’s the breakdown.

Problem: Whenever my girlfriend and I want to go out to eat, we have trouble deciding where to go, and figuring out what restaurants are serving. Especially when putting in take out orders, we usually end up ordering the same thing because we don’t know what else they serve. Many Kauai restaurants do not have their own website so trying to figure out what to order at a place like Monico’s (one of our favorites) is always a problem.

Solution: Create a website that categorizes restaurants by location, cuisine, and meals served that offers menus for as many restaurants as we can get. There are other menu websites currently available but because they are trying to adopt print medium advertising concepts, they fail at being effective online.

Goals: To provide an easy to use resource for Kauai residents and visitors and help them with their dining decisions. To help restaurants connect to potential customers online. To get the site up in just 1 week and document the entire process.

Costs: I plan to keep costs for this project under $500.

  • Domain and hosting = $230 for 2 years (server will be used to host future sites as well – depreciate cost)
  • stickers other promotional items $150
  • misc

Like I said above in goals, I will be documenting the entire process of creating this site, so stay tuned for updates. I’m calling this my “Website in a Week” challenge. Also if you are on Kauai, think this is a neat idea and would like to help out, please contact me or leave a comment. I could use all the help I could get.