The Importance of What We Do

When people ask me what I do, I’m often guilty of not telling them the full story. I usually just say, “Oh my friends and I have a business that we do..” and hope that that answer is good enough for them. If they prod for more I’ll say we teach ukulele on the internet. Which is the what, of what we do. I guess I just don’t want to seem arrogant, or self aggrandizing to tell them the why. But the why is what’s important. The why is the all that matters in business. But no one ever asks for the why.

Why do we teach ukulele on the internet? Because the vast majority of the people in this world cannot express any emotion they feel without the help of someone else. They depend on the works of art created by others to tell their story. The average person cannot express how they truly feel about someone, or how they feel when something happens. They listen to songs written and recorded by other people, they watch movies and cry because they can relate, but they themselves cannot communicate effectively.  Not only that, they don’t realize they can’t!

The value of music and therefore musicians is the fact that they can create things that help other people express how they feel. There is tremendous value in that, as we see by the millions and millions of dollars that musicians, directors, artists earn. Society has shown with their wallets just how valuable the creation of tools of expression is.

This is why Ukulele Underground is important.  Our goal is to create more new musicians.  More new people that can help others express themselves, or at the very least, we help someone express their own feelings. For those who play music, they know how much it really does feel like a gift. For a long time I couldn’t explain why it felt so powerful to me but now I understand its because as a musician, we help others feel. Feel excitement, joy, sorrow, grief, passion, the gift of music is the gift to express how you truly feel inside.

That is our Why.

One thought on “The Importance of What We Do”

  1. Agree, man. It’s all aspects of our life. Now that I think about it, not one person that I can recall as asked me “exactly why did you switch majors”? The same goes for me too. I never ask people why they do what they do. I guess maybe it’s because asking the “why” part is considered prying? Digging too much? When I get asked that question, I don’t give the full answer too. Will they understand the reason? They probably will, but then again, I don’t feel like giving the full answer. It’s probably different for you too. In any case, for the most part, the “what” part is usually what satisfies people. Or something like that 😀

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